"So give it up for Triangle Sally."

okay this is my favorite thing i ever made i kinda need it on my blog again

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because of tumblr I have more thoughts in english than in my own language


when you read something on the internet about your country and it’s just wrong


though i have to admit i kinda love this one…

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You can say what you want but Good Luck Charlie was a great ‘new’ Disney show.

somewhere on this earth lives the person who ate most potatoes of all currently living human beings and someone who has walked into the most doors and someone who has covered the most distance and someone who has slept the most hours and someone who had the most near-death experiences and someone who has baked the most cakes and someone who has hugged the most dogs isn’t that amazing

*aggressively lip syncs to music on ipod because it’s 2 am and everyone else is asleep so singing out loud would wake people up*

me next to all of my friends

i laugh everytime someone gets censored on an american talk show because here in holland “paper troubles and other office shit” is literally the intro to a show